Hangin' on the Opera steps.

Our "beautiful sunny day" became a cloudy, muggy one....

If you remember the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the inaugural Triathlon event finished on this very pathway. It's a gorgeous view.

Sydney rocks, baby :)

The next morning, we stocked up on breakfast groceries...mmm Vegemite...

And took a ferry from Sydney Harbour to Manly Beach, to visit our friend Tim.

Posin' on the ferry...

Manly Beach is the coolest, hippest beach in Sydney. Not that the weather let us enjoy it. This is the chily, rainy day we saw.

Two Manly men- we met Tim last year in Ecuador, on our boat trip through the Galapagos.

Manly Beach on a "summer" day in Sydney.

A lovely private cove on Manly Beach.

So if the beach is rainy, what indoor activities are there in Sydney? Drinking. Lots of it. And we had the ENTIRE day to kill with Tim.

9 hours later, full of beer and good cheer, we bade good-bye to Tim and headed back to Sydney.

The next day was rainy too- and our 16th wedding anniversary. Since the Museum of New South Wales is free and dry, we stopped in there!

The Museum of New South Wales' Masters collection was actually very impressive.

...and not just a little disturbing in the "modernist" wing.

Outside, schoolkids were being menaced by some scary Sydney-style birds.

We'd bought a Groupon months ago for a booze cruise on the Harbour! What better way to celebrate 16 years of marriage?

Me and the captain. We're besties.

Cruisin' by the Harbour Bridge.