Toasting to 16 years with one of the unlimited glasses of champagne!

Cruising by Sydney's weird little amusement park.

The sun came out just in time for our cruise...

Enjoying the Harbour, sunshine, and lots of champagne :)

I can haz photo editing toolz

We sailed under the Harbour Bridge, en route to LUNCH!

Lunch was a lovely outdoor barbeque on a tiny island near the Harbour.

With more champagne, of course.

A view of Sydney from our picnic island

After the cruise, we walked back to our hostel.

Happy 16th anniversary to us.

The official 2012 Jones Anniversary Photo.

For our final day in Sydney, we visited Sydney Wildlife World. It is a tiny zoo of Australian animals. The first exhibit is the Butterfly Room.

Ooooh flutter-by!!

And the headliner animal: KOALAS.

I thought this guy was the cutest koala....

...until I saw THIS KOALA.

OMG OMG SO CUTE. I could fall over and die from cute overload....


Me likey koalas. Maybe me smuggle him home in my backpack...