We arrived in Negombo, Sri Lanka, and immediately headed for a roti and curry dinner!

The next morning, we caught a bus 3 hours northeast to Dambulla, our base in the Cultural Triangle.

We stayed at a lovely guesthouse called Dignity Villa, run a by a former chef.

There's not much in Dambulla, except the Dambulla Caves on the outskirts of town. This ginormous cheesy Buddha hovers over the entrance.

The Caves are hewn into the mountain rock, and these very cool statues of monks line the walls.

You have to pose with elephant statues. You're in Sri Lanka, after all...

After a long, hot walk, we made it to the Cave entrance.

Some of the Caves hearken back to antiquity; some are as recent as the 20th century!

A Reclining Buddha in one of the Caves.

More Buddha goodness.

Amazing wall and ceiling paintings, that have survived to modern times.

A low ceiling in one of the Caves.

Some of the Caves are for worshipping; this is one of the most sacred interiors.

More Buddhas.

...and more

There were 5 or 6 Caves, each with its own set of Buddhas and imagery.

One of my favorite Cave statues...

Taking a break near the Cave ponds.

The view from atop the Cave entrances.

Dambulla is much prettier from atop the hill than actually being in Dambulla, if you know what I'm sayin'.