That's Matt on the right!!!

Matt + dolphins + rainbow= awesome vacation day.

Swimming near one of Paihia's many offshore islands.

I took this photo while on the boat. That's the truth, and I'm not saying any more about it. :)

This was taken while I was sitting on the edge of the boat, and these dolphins were racing us!

One dolphin got so close to the boat, I could touch him.

Looky! It's a dolphin!

Unbelieveable, right?

After the cruise, the captain dropped us off at Russell Island for lunch. We then took the interisland ferry back to Paihia.

Russell Island, the site of the first British settlement in New Zealand.

Matt loves his dolphins.

Dolphin love!

The sun creeped out for an hour, and we took full advantage to finally capture some Bay of Islands beauty.

Me and my sheep-peeps.

...and sheep-sh*t.

There are 4 million people in New Zealand...and 40 million sheep.

A view over the Bay of Islands.

I conquer the Bay of Islands!!

After a long day swimming with dolphins, I opt for double-fisting New Zealand beer: Lion and Speight's!

A sailboat near Paihia's town beach.