We arrived in Sydney after a 14-hour flight from Los Angeles. Luckily Qantas packed us a snack.

We checked into our hostel, Zing! Backpackers- right off King's Cross in a quieter residential area.

The inside of our little Zing! room. For Sydney standards, this is a luxury hostel suite :)

Our hostel said it was "walking distance to Sydney Harbour." They neglected to mention the two 137-step staircases between the hostel and the Harbour...

Schools that only exist in Sydney...

First meal in Sydney: the famous Harry's Cafe on Wheels. Meat pies!!

Mmmmm meat pies....

It was a lovely, hot, summer day, so we took a walk through the Sydney Domain- Sydney's central park.

Matt is enthralled by the vegetable and fruit garden in the Domain...

Sydney's skyscrapers are just outside the Domain.

The Domain and its veddy British design.

A lovely Domain shot (including lovely Aussie man)

We visited The Rocks, Sydney's first settlement. It's filled with 18th and 19th-century buildings, now a shopping district.

It's a cute tourist trap.

The view from The Rocks to the Harbour Bridge

Mmmmm pastry...

Yummy desserts at The Rocks' patisserie.

Matt buys a raspberry macaron. He better enjoy it- it cost $4!! This was our first example of Sydney Ridiculous Prices.

$4 macaron, prepare to please us...

We took a break at Lord Nelson Brewery, Sydney's oldest bar.