It's the next best thing to being there, right?

Christmas in Basque Country December 2018
A Sardinian Weekend October 2018
A Dodecadent Week September 2018
Oslo weekend August 2018
Macedonia for a weekend June 2018
Talking Turkey April/May 2018
Easter in Provence 2.0 March 2018
A Weekend in Essaouira, Morocco January 2018
A Weekend in Venice January 2018
A Cheesy French Christmas December 2017
A Place Called "Plovdiv" November 2017
Montenegro October 2017
Reims and La Rochelle, France July and September 2017
Luxembourg & Germany August 2017
Cut Loose, Toulouse May 2017
A Week In Provence April 2017
A Nepalling Adventure February/March 2017
Cyprus Delight January 2017
Have a Nice Christmas December 2016
Riga Christmas Market Weekend November 2016
Albania, Not Elbonia October 2016
Summer 2016 Adventures in England Summer 2016
A Roarin' Good Time in Lyon August 2016
A Weekend With Dracula June 2016
A Bordeaux Wine Weekend May 2016
A Mal-teaser Weekend April 2016
20-Palooza in Portugal February/March 2016
A Ball in Vienna January 2016
Christmas Market Madness in the Alsace December 2015
Christmastime in Helsinki & Tallinn December 2015
Belgium and Amsterdam Adventure October 2015
A Birthday Weekend in Switzerland August 2015
Summer 2015 Explorations in England Summer 2015
Harry Potter in London July 2015
A Paris Weekend, a Brittany Getaway July & September 2015
A Weekend in Cardiff, Wales June 2015
A Weekend in Florence, Italy May 2015
Sri Lanka & the Maldives March 2015
Munich, Salzburg, & Krakow October 2014
Our Costa R-eekend September 2014
Puerto Rico, Muy Rapido! June 2014
Feeling Laos-y (and Cambodia-y) March 2014
A Christmas Frolic in Copenhagen November 2013
More Than Just Machu Picchu March 2013
The Thrilla in Manila November 2012
Guatemala 2012, or It's the End Of the World As We Know It October 2012
A Journey to Oz & Middle Earth March 2012
A Jones, a Plan, a Canal...Panama! November 2011
Niagara Falls Weekend September 2011
Fady's Big Fat Mexican Wedding July 2011
Ecuador & the Galapagos February 2011
Highland Flingin' October 2010
Our Egyptian Pyramid Scheme February 2010
A Dark, Frozen Weekend in Iceland January 2010
A Road Trip Through Germany October 2009
My Lost (In Translation) Weekend in Tokyo September 2009
Eating Our Way Through Vietnam March 2009
In Search of the Real Maui:
Our Hula- and Beach-Free Adventure
October 2008
A South African Safari February 2008
Paris & Barcelona With Friends October 2007
The Wilds of Borneo February 2007
Carnival in South America February 2006
Bali and Hong Kong September 2005
On Safari In East Africa October 2004
Vienna, Bratislava, Croatia, Slovenia, & 15 minutes in Bosnia May 2004
European Workcamp Adventure September-October 2003