Gypsy Dinner, August 12, 2007

Katie ("Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" alum) sets the table before dinner.

Matt pipes finishing touches on dessert before the guests arrive.

Each guest received a place setting listing the menu.

Two of the dinner guests, the awesome Blank-Willies.

The courses begin- Matt prepares the "Too Fishy" course: Salmon 3 Ways.

Salmon is served Tartare, Poached, and in a Salmon Cake.

Putting the final garnish on the salmon course.

Nadia, Sous Chef extraordinaire and Starry Nights Catering Employee of the Month for 12 months running!

The "Too Pedestrian" course: Mini margarita pizzas, handmade macaroni and cheese, and baby chicken pot pies.

The Intermezzo course: A flute of Pellegrino with Chambord liqueur, handmade raspberry sorbet, and a star-shaped kiwi.

More happy diners: Matt's Microsoft buddy Trevin, and Paulene and Mike.

Matt readies the dessert course: "Too Sweet."

Each miniature wedding cake is two tiers of vanilla chiffon cake, layered with handmade lemon curd, lemon mousse, and raspberry jam (also known as the Starry Nights Elegant Lemon Cake)(shameless plug).

Wheeee look at all those cakes!! Denise filled all of them, you know...

And absolutely no leftovers.

Matt ventures out into the dining room after dinner to greet his fans.

Matt and buddy Trevin.

Warning: Never get too close to a crazy chef.