See what happens when two Americans travel the world, and document their exploits.

A Pequeno Weekend in Gran Canaria May 2019
Christmas in Basque Country December 2018
Sardinian Weekend October 2018
Rhodes Warriors September 2018
Norwegian Weekend August 2018
A Macedonian Weekend June 2018
Talking Turkey April/May 2018
Provence Easter 2.0 March 2018
Mo' Rockin' the Weekend in Essaouira January 2018
A Drive-By Weekend in Venice January 2018
Christmas in the French Alps December 2017
A Weekend In a Place Called "Plovdiv" November 2017
Montenegro October 2017
Luxembourg & Germany August 2017
A Toulouse Weekend May 2017
A Week in Provence April 2017
A Nepalling Trip February/March 2017
Cyprus Getaway January 2017
A Nice Christmas December 2016
Latvian Christmas Market Weekend November 2016
Albania, Not Elbonia October 2016
A Roarin' Good Time in Lyon August 2016
A Weekend With Dracula June 2016
Bordeaux, Yo May 2016
A Malt-easer April 2016
A Portugal-palooza February/March 2016
Storming the Christmas Markets of Alsace December 2015
A Christmasy Weekend in Helsinki and Tallinn November/December 2015
A Week of Benelux Decadence October 2015
A Swiss Miss Weekend August 2015
A Wales of a Weekend June 2015
A Weekend in Florence May 2015
Sri Lanka & the Maldives February 2015
Bavaria & Krakow October 2014
Our Costa R-eekend September 2014
Puerto Rico, Muy Rapido June 2014
Feeling Laos-y (and Cambodia-y) March 2014
A Danish Christmas November 2013
More Than Just Machu Picchu March 2013
The Thrilla In Manila November 2012
Guatemala 2012, or It's the End of the World As We Know It October 2012
A Journey to Oz & Middle Earth March 2012
Panama-ah-uh-oh-uh-oh November 2011
Ecuador & the Galapagos February 2011
Highland Flingin' October 2010
Our Egyptian Pyramid Scheme February 2010
Iceland in the Dark January 2010
German Road Trip October 2009
A Tour of Vietnam February 2009
A South African Experience February 2008
Hanging with Friends in Paris & Barcelona October 2007
Wild Jones of Borneo February 2007
South America Adventure February 2006
Bali High October 2005
On Safari in Africa October 2004
A Week in Croatia, a Day in Slovenia, and 15 Minutes in Bosnia May 2004
European Workcamp Extravaganza September-October 2003
Budapest, Vienna, and Prague February 2003